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Helping you

Accelerate Growth


PRODUCT Excellence


Our Focus

Product Strategy

The right product to market

  • Persona

  • Market & Competitive Landscape

  • Key Outcome Metrics

  • Roadmap

  • Discover the Unknown

Product Execution

Effectively get to market

  • Process guidance

  • Prioritization & scheduling

  • Value & positioning

  • Product offering & pricing

  • Customer feedback & product-market fit

  • Solution & requirements validation

Product Team

Scale & grow an organization

  • Team composition

  • Process & tool evaluation

  • Best practices

  • Mentorship

The Right Skills and Processes at the Right Time

Product Management Evolves as Does Your Company and Product


Concept Validation


Product Market Fit




Stable & Mature

Different Needs at Different Stages

Solving Initial Problem

What to Learn & When to Apply it


Lightweight tools & process

How to Work Effectively & Efficiently

Scalable, Robust Systems 

Many hats & Bootstrap

Who & When to Hire

Specialization & Execution

Solo & Small Groups

How to Communicate & Collaborate

Distributed Communication

Ways We Engage

We provide the same expertise and capability as an experienced FTE without the overhead associated with adding a top level executive.


A consistent and experienced engagement when you aren't ready for a full time strategic Product Executive


Covers a gap full time until you can fill with hiring & can help you figure out longer-term needs.


Engages at key points to solve a specific problem, coach or provide an outside, experienced perspective.

 Want more info?  Check out our article, "What is a Fractional CPO"?


Who We Are


Kevin Smith


20+ years of Product Management and Customer Success leadership in both B2C and B2B/Enterprise.  


Kevin’s career includes Google, Trilogy, and multiple startups, building products and driving innovation via best-fit technology, teams, tools, and processes.


Teri Harwood


20+ years of leading Product Management and UX Teams with a focus on consumer and SMB markets.


Teri’s career spans Nike to early stage startups successfully bringing to market and driving high growth in mobile and SAAS products.



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